Water-Oil Drainage Dynamics In Oil-Wet Random Microfluidic Porous Media Analogs
Water-Oil Drainage Dynamics In Oil-Wet Random Microfluidic Porous Media Analogs

POSTSUPERSCRIPT and the displacement turns into extra uniform. NaCl answer dyed with 1.0% wt. 1 and mild mineral oil. Video four magnifies the water flooding course of in Chip 3 to 100X. It is observed that the meniscus in small channels retreats as water front strikes right into a nearby giant cavity because of the distinction in the capillary forces. Displacement experiments carried out in microfluidic porous media analogs show that reduced surface tension results in a extra stable displacement, which is reverse to the phenomenon observed in Hele-Shaw cells the place the displacement of a more viscous fluid by a much less viscous one is stabilized by floor tension. The fluids used are 1.5% wt. The geometries of our analogs were designed from Voronoi tessellations of two-dimensional house. Contact angle hysteresis can be noticed during this reciprocal motion of the meniscus. This motion makes the non-wetting fluid front move alongside the path made up by chains of giant pores, reducing the displacement efficiency. As well as, geometry of porous media is observed to play an essential function. Videos 1-3 show water flooding processes in Chips 1-three with 20X magnification. POSTSUPERSCRIPT) thus the movies are played 15 occasions sooner than actual time. Videos 5 and 6, also taken at 100X magnification, present the stabilizing impact of diminished interfacial tension. Three random microfluidic porous media analogs have been made to review water-oil drainage dynamics. It is noticed that both channel size distribution (Video 2) and heterogeneity in pore size (Video 3) result in stronger fingers and reduced displacement efficiency. FLOATSUPERSCRIPT. The aqueous part displaces the oil phase, with a viscosity ratio of about 1:40 and a density ratio of 1:0.85. Interfacial tension between the two fluid phases is 28.37 mN/m in fluid dynamics movies 1-5, and is decreased to 3.57 mN/m utilizing 0.5% wt.

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